Oyster Workshop is the professional home of choice for a collective of passionate, like-minded, talented and connected people who choose to lead with impact.

Connectivity and collective wellbeing is key for our communities. We know that meaning comes from adopting ways of being that reflect the interconnectedness of things. 

Oyster Workshop's principal objective is to facilitate the creation of an economy of meaning that supports our shared origins and future.  


This journey is about developing the systems that support and build the economies of human relationships to nurture and celebrate the positive connections and energies between people and planet that encourage balance and wellbeing.


Our mission is to help our people re-imagine, create and realise a future that has previously been aspirational.

We have developed a model that supports this economy and programmes that support businesses with purpose.  We measure impact through a community capitals evaluation framework that aligns to our values based system.

Our team offer a range of executive consultancy services that work in alignment with these values.