our approach

Connectivity and collective wellbeing is key for our communities.  We know that meaning comes from enhancing ways of being that reflect the interconnectedness of things.

The current systems that govern and control the way we live, work and play in contemporary society are damaging our human potential to collaborate and self-determine our collective wellbeing.  We need to develop alternatives that make sense because they unlock our potential and work better.


Our value system embodies:

  • Regeneration not just sustainability

  • Provenance

  • Ethical production values




We live the kaupapa and demonstrate the difference it makes to what we do or achieve and what others can also do or achieve.  We work with and embrace interconnection. We utilise the community capitals evaluation and impact model.


We curate relationships of trust, care and collaboration based on really knowing each other.

We build, use, share and expand our individual and collective kete of assets, resources and skills to deploy all resources required in the execution and success of our  communities’ commercial activities.