a collective of leaders and entrepreneurs whose passion is to facilitate an abundant and regenerative journey and create the optimal conditions for commercial success and community wellbeing. 

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Connectivity and collective wellbeing is key for our communities.  We know that meaning comes from adopting ways of being that reflect the interconnectedness of things. 

We would love to hear from you.  Relationships are at the heart of 

everything that we do.  The interconnectedness of all things and working

together across our network of networks is what we love.  Connect with us.

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Our diverse skills and experience, and commitment to collaboration shared values and purpose translates into delivering results. 

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Join our growing collective of clients and share in the journey.

We are committed to harmonising our professional lives with our culture, world view and values. Oyster workshop is the realisation of that goal and our professional home of choice.

As we work towards the creation of an economy of meaning we offer a range of executive services for both coporate and community organisations.